• Apartment Therapy: Haldane Martin's home in Observatory
  • Apartment Therapy: Haldane Martin in his home in Observatory
  • Apartment Therapy: Haldane Martin's home in Observatory

Apartment Therapy: Haldane Martin’s White Nest

Home and interiors website, Apartment Therapy, featured Haldane Martin’s Observatory, Cape Town, home – just 48 hours after he moved in!

When Haldane agreed on a house tour, less than 48 hours after he moved in, you would expect the normal chaos that relocation brings. However, we totally underestimated the determination of this successful furniture designer and entrepreneur from Cape Town. He was a man on a mission to get his nest ready and livable in no time.

Haldane later reveals; decorating your own space, as a furniture designer can be a real curse, the search for perfection is endless, therefore the sooner it gets done, the better! The house was in a shabby state when he purchased it, but creating a “clean canvas”, proved to be a winning recipe. He painted the entire flat white, including the damaged floorboards, he then introduced color to the all-white nest, by painting feature walls in a primary color. Haldane is a creative genius and his designs can be seen throughout his house and it comes at no surprise that he is making waves with his designs worldwide. Haldane’s philosophy of living with integrity is reflected in every piece he creates, and he dreams of making a positive contribution to the evolution of culture through his creative work as a designer and teacher.

My Style: Contemporary South African
Inspiration: The wealth of creativity I am exposed to in Cape Town.
Favorite Element: My white floor, and occasional bold dashes of pure primary colors on the otherwise neutral grey walls. It “lifts” the space and gives a contemporary edge to an otherwise quite conventional Victorian building.
Biggest Challenge: Not obsessing about every single spec of dust on my pure white floor! I am sure I will let go of this as I settle into my new space and as the floor gets a little more “worn” in.
What Friends Say: I haven’t had my house warming yet!..
Biggest Embarrassment: Living with the untouched exterior courtyard that I haven’t got to yet. Very hard for the perfectionist that I sometimes am!
Proudest DIY: I hate DIY! I have employed contractors to do absolutely everything.
Biggest Indulgence: My Fiela Feather Chandelier, it is one of my own new designs. It brings an a soft angelic ambience to my living room.
Best Advice: Know yourself, love yourself, express yourself (without becoming a self-absorbed narcissist!) This is the rare luxury of being single that I am currently enjoying.


Kitchen Appliances and Hardware: All over
Furniture: All from my own company HALDANE MARTIN. New Slant modular shelving system. Riempie Couch, Weightless Coffee Table, Weightless Round Glass Table and Weightless Tub Chairs.
Lighting: Existing and from my own company HALDANE MARTIN. Fiela Feather Lights.
White Flower ball by Heath Nash in my bedroom.
Rugs and Carpets: Inguni Cow hide – African Game Skins
Window Treatments: Curtains — St Ledger & Viney Print designed by Cathy O Cleary
Beds: Head rest Cushion by Helen Melon, Round meditation cushion by Jenny Gifford
Artwork: Living Room: Sue Pam Grant (domesticity series), Dining Room: “It’s Beautiful Here” wire coat hook by Heath Nash. Other artwork “Mary & Joseph” by Zimbabwe wood carvers, Wire & Bead animals from Heartworks at the Biscuit Mill.
Paint: LT Discount Paint

Originally published on Apartment Therapy, 18 November 2008