Swan Cafe, interior design by Haldane Martin, photo by Micky Hoyle / Designboom

Designboom: Haldane Martin’s Swan Café

In the worlds leading design blog, Designboom: Haldane Martin’s Swan Cafe, a contemporary take on a traditional Parisian crêperie. 

South africa-based designer Haldane Martin reveals ‘Swan Cafe’, a traditional parisian crêperie transformed into a contemporary spot. Inspired by the graceful and mysterious creature mentioned in the title, the interior features the color palette of the french flag and processed paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.

Images by Micky Hoyle

Martin’s cafe maintains the elegant and atmospheric french flair — the flag’s white, blue, and red are used in the details of the furniture design, as well as in the waiters’ uniform. Contributing to the subtle notes are the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Jean-léon Gérôme — the oval feminine shapes on nude bathing with swans are turned into monochromatic white-and-blue wallpapers spreading all over the walls.

The furniture, such as marble tables and bespoke chairs, repeats forms of the traditional french bistros, while the linear benches along the walls keep the warm and welcoming feel. Vintage lights made of copper and brass hung throughout the space are accompanied by orange-colored birdcages of different shapes, which match with the brand identity.

The bar is clad with blue feather-shaped ceramic tiles, while the concrete floors are broken by hexagons with white and blue swans. The utilities are hidden behind perforated blue plates under the ceiling.

Edited by: Maria Erman

Originally published designboom.com, 26 July 2018