Haldane Martin Sim-Ply Chairs - Blue landscape - photo Micky Hoyle

Designing Ways: Sim-ply Collection

In Designing Ways magazine, Haldane Martin and the Sim-ply Collection.

Designer Profile

Haldane Martin is an internationally renowned South African furniture and interior designer, renowned for work with a powerful sense of identity.

Founded in 2002, his award-winning design studio Haldane Martin Iconic Design is famous for its iconic furniture design and high-concept interiors. Based in Cape Town, Haldane Martin’s focus is hospitality design – creating distinctive spaces with unique identities and designing original furniture to enhance experience. While his early signature furniture pieces established a new South African design language, his work has evolved to prioritise a harmonious balance between aesthetics, comfort and customisability while being economical, eco-friendly and well made.

For Haldane, a design is intuitively recognised as iconic when it marries innovation with beauty and captures the zeitgeist of the day in a timeless fashion.

He believes in integrating conceptual depth, aesthetic beauty and elegant functionality into one seamless whole.

Sim-ply Collection

Designer Haldane Martin has taken an existing chair typology and manufacturing technique and gently evolved it to create the Sim-Ply Collection. The result is well-considered, balanced chairs that are beautiful, comfortable, well made, economical, eco-friendly, on trend, locally manufactured and available in customer-specific bespoke finish options.

The Sim-Ply name is derived from the simple curved plywood seats and backs. The chair collection is visually distinctive for its simple rounded forms, cute proportions, friendly finishes and an unusually wide backrest that hugs the sitter.

The collection is made up of a dining chair, a lounge chair, and barstools at two different heights. The seats and backs are made from moulded Ash veneered birch plywood, with an optional upholstered pad for additional comfort. The cross frame and legs are made from solid Ash, and the chair is assembled with stainless steel hardware.

Originally published in Designing Ways, September 2018. View PDF.