12 Rooms

Haldane Martin unveiled a secret 13th room at the 12 Rooms Exhibition at Leon at CCXIX, while simultaneously revealing another secret – that Haldane Martin’s Iconic Furniture Design collection would henceforth be manufactured and sold under licence by Leon at CCXIX.

To mark this auspicious deal, Haldane Martin set out to create a Victorian-style gentlemen’s club with an African aesthetic.

The centrepiece of the space was Haldane Martin’s iconic Songololo Sofa upholstered in a herringbone patterned linen. A houndstooth pattern was applied to the back wall of the space in gold foil. The dramatic increase in scale and unconventional application of the houndstooth to the existing corrugated steel wall transformed this vintage fabric weaving motif into a bold African pattern.

Framing the lounge setting was the oversized Tesla Chandelier, specially designed for the exhibition by Haldane. Its 26 vintage Edison lamps, supplied by Hoi Ploy, warmly lit Lisa Firer’s ceramic castings of antique medicine bottles, which stood upon Haldane Martin’s solid brass Hex Tables.

Haldane’s Zonnebloem Wine Tasting Table, with its heavy carved wooden screw thread, sat beneath award-winning artist Andrew Putter’s intriguing artworks entitled Lydia Logie and Joao the Portuguese.

Photos by Micky Hoyle