BOS Office

Known for its striking Afro identity, BOS Ice Tea commissioned Haldane Martin to design a bright, casual work environment for its Cape Town office extension. This includes a new reception area, an ice tea bar, a hot desk for sales and marketing, and meeting spaces. The reception incorporates the BOS Expo stand designed by Haldane Martin, which stacks yellow BOS Ice Tea cans into a screen of “tall grass”.

Another perfect building component was the BOS Sport drink bottle. Haldane Martin created colourful geodesic dome lights, a playful reference to Buckminster Fuller’s architectural structures. These punctuate the semi-industrial space with an element of fun while speaking to BOS’s ethos of sustainability. A pixelated screen behind the reception desk uses the bottles mounted onto a wire mesh grid, creating a game-like pattern. This is accentuated by a yellow faceted branded reception desk.

Final furnishing features include a long hot desk with swing-out stools, based on the design for Truth customised in BOS’s signature yellow. The Ice Tea bar and hot desk area on bamboo flooring is raised on green plastic packing crates.

The overall result is an uplifting workspace that reflects the heart of the BOS ethos, created through the combination of innovative yet quirky design elements with iconic features, the clever use of upcycled materials and an energetic colour palette.

Photos by Micky Hoyle



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