Environ Skin Care

Upmarket skincare brand Environ commissioned Haldane Martin to design its offices in 2015 and reception design in 2014. The elegant office space is characterised by soft lines, warm colours and contemporary design elements to reinforce the feminine, innovative nature of the brand.

In addition to an artful and unique interior, the project lent itself to original furniture design – the Soft Office range. Identifying that existing office furniture is notably masculine and corporate, Haldane Martin saw the opportunity to create new pieces to capture the essence of a brand that signifies femininity and softness, the traits of beautiful skin.

Haldane Martin’s unique desking and meeting office system draws on soft, visually elegant forms: rounded rectangles that are spatially efficient, felt screens shaped in soft forms to add an element of privacy, and legs with trumpet-shaped tops.

The walls are ombréd in a soft application of colour in the palette of various packaging by Environ including the brand’s signature orange. The ombre wall is crafted by scanning watercolour painting and scaling it up to form wallpaper.

A 6.5m-long flowing organic shape echoing the curves of a woman’s body forms the main reception desk – a centrepiece embodying the Environ brand that becomes the first encounter with visitors and staff.

The ultimate effect of this dynamic, original interior design has been to humanise the workplace, creating a visually pleasing, aesthetic work environment that is simultaneously practical, functional and comfortable – all while reinforcing the brand identity and ethos through innovative design.

Photos by Micky Hoyle


Reception 2013-2014, office space 2015


Beaconvale, Cape Town

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