• Fiela Arc Light

Fiela Arc Light – Discontinued

Inspired by the lightness of dandelions and the glamour of the 1920s, the Fiela Lights have been designed to create angelic ambient lighting. This is Fiela Arc Light by Haldane Martin.

The lights are named after the title character in South African author Dalene Matthee’s well-known novel “Fiela’s Child”. The story is set in Oudtshoorn, the town where the Ostrich feathers that form the soft white diffusers are sourced.

The feathers are a renewable resource and naturally repel dust. They are attached to a central frame with crocodile clips in a formation inspired by the flower petal pattern found in Proteas, South Africa’s national flower.

The second light in the collection, Fiela Arc Light’s adjustable frame pays homage to a design classic, the Arco light by Achille Castiglioni, with a new spin. This lends it a familiar comfort while updating the light to be contemporary with its own unique context relevant to its South African origins. The frame is made from 60% recycled stainless steel and reconstituted stone.

Each light comes with 15-watt warm white, large ball CFL globes. For safety reasons the bulbs are low heat. The use of crocodile clips means the feathers can be removed for cleaning and replaced if necessary. The approximate lifespan of the feathers is 7 years. White feathers are ideal for diffusing soft light, although black, pink and other coloured feathers are also available.

Launched in 2006 as a limited edition. This product is no longer in manufacture.