Kunjani Wines - interior design by Haldane Martin Iconic Design
Haldane Martin is a preeminent South African designer renowned for iconic furniture and high-concept interiors for brands and businesses with signature identities that translate into extraordinary spaces.
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Kunjani Wines

An innovative interior design project by Haldane Martin Iconic Design has opened on the Stellenbosch Wine Route – a new wine estate called Kunjani Wines. Haldane Martin crafted the interior around a Euro-meets-Afro design concept that draws on the bold, earthy and spicy characteristics of their flagship Shiraz.

Kunjani Wines is the result of the marriage between German entrepreneur Paul Barth and South African businesswoman Pia Watermeyer. Bringing their cultures together with a love for wine, Kunjani Wines is the expression of a cross-continental brand with an adventurous South African identity.

The centrepiece of the estate is the tasting room and dining area, whose friendly atmosphere speaks to the greeting behind the name Kunjani. Its expansive deck overlooks a breathtaking vista of the surrounding vineyards and mountains on the horizon. Downstairs a wine cellar with tasting area showcases the wines on beautiful original leather and steel wine racks – a new design by Haldane Martin for Kunjani Wines.

The building was designed in a Cape Dutch typology – laid out in an H-plan that draws on the traditional Afrikaner architectural style typical of the Western Cape winelands. This was turned on its head by painting the building exterior charcoal (instead of white) and adding traditional slate stone cladding, as well as red sliding screens inspired by the geometric patterns painted onto mud huts in West Africa.

The space has been furnished with original designs by Haldane Martin, including the new Sim-Ply dining chairs in grey leather and red lacquer, Sim-Ply barstools set underneath a new folded steel lighting design for Kunjani, Sim-Ply lounge chairs alongside an iconic Songololo Sofa in the lounge area, tetrahedral based cafe tables with antique brass-plated steel tops, and red Zulu Mama chairs on the front terrace. Throughout the space notable South African design and art pieces have been included to firmly root the design within its local context.

Combining traditional architecture with contemporary design and a distinctive African aesthetic, Kunjani Wines is a new contemporary design landmark for Stellenbosch that will draw visitors as much for its striking design as its tasting and dining experience with a view.



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