Michelle Ludek

Haldane Martin designed a sculptural 14m² retail space for fashion design brand Michelle Ludek, located at the Watershed, the design and craft hub of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

A space-saving solution was to create a spiral string curtain installation that wraps itself around the entirety of the store, beautifully framing the main merchandise clothing rail below. The spiral’s focal point ends with a customer change room curtain enriched with a bright yellow to white ombré effect.

The remaining walls and shop fittings were also ombréed in Michelle Ludek’s signature yellow, giving the space a light and uplifting atmosphere. This was further enhanced by backlighting the curtain with LED tube lights. The cashier desk was also designed to take up as little space as possible, featuring a hidden pull-out surface for folding and packing purchases.

The spiral also happened to be the form nature uses for growth, an appropriate symbol for the growth the Michelle Ludek brand is enjoying.

Haldane Martin also went on to design a popup exhibition stand for Michelle Ludek, which is flat-packable in order to travel easily. The mobile store design uses LED lighting in rectangular frames, made from industrial yellow zinc-passivated steel and birch plywood. The stand won best stand design at the Kamers Makers showcase in 2017.

Photos by Micky Hoyle



Cape Town, concept store, fashion, interior design, Michelle Ludek, retail space