• Corner Table Neo-Spoke Collection

Neo-Spoke Corner Table

The Neo-Spoke corner table is part of Haldane Martin’s contemporary, simplified homage to the traditional spoke back chair typology.

Originally designed for a boutique hotel in the forested English countryside, the Neo-Spoke collection embodies natural, refined comfort. The collection of sofas and tables are modern and modest but full of inviting warmth, touching on the emerging neo folk trend in interior design.

In short, the Neo-Spoke collection is effortlessly welcoming. Using a combination of traditional joinery techniques and modern CNC woodworking technology, we manufacture each piece in solid European oak. Finishes for the wooden components are Rubio Monocoat oil in either natural, grey or charcoal (black stain).

The Neo-Spoke collection is modular for flexibility. Seamlessly combine the Neo-Spoke corner table with other units. For instance, the Neo-spoke 1-seater, 2-seater or 3-seater sofas and the Neo-Spoke coffee table.


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