New Slant Shelving – Discontinued - Haldane Martin
Haldane Martin is a preeminent South African designer renowned for iconic furniture and high-concept interiors for brands and businesses with signature identities that translate into extraordinary spaces.
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New Slant Shelving – Discontinued

The New Slant is a flexible, modular shelving system. Modular shelving allows one to playfully build an endless variety of subtly undulating configurations to fit into any size space. A differentiator in Haldane Martin’s shelving system is the use of slanting rectangles or parallelograms rather than squares or rectangles. The individual slanted boxes are connected to one another with strong magnets.

New Slant Shelving was originally designed for Epilepsy South Africa, which employed people at a woodwork factory making pine furniture, and was funded by the Department of Arts and Culture.

The boxes are available in 2 standard sizes and are now made from aircraft-quality birch plywood and finished with an eco-friendly matt sealer. The shelves can also be stained various colours.

Launched in 2006. This product is no longer in manufacture.