• Polyhedra Coffee Table

Polyhedra Coffee Table – Discontinued

The sculptural, porous form of Polyhedra Modular Coffee Table by Haldane Martin finds its inspiration in the micro world of organic bone structures,the Polyhedra Coffee Table also finds its inspiration from the bubbles and the Beijing National Aquatics Centre, known colloquially as the Water Cube. The complex geometry is based on the Weaire-Phelan space packing structure, driven by the efficient use of space that uses minimal surface area while optimising volume. Multiple dodecahedrons and tetra-decahedrons are assembled to one another using neodymium magnets. This allows users to playfully create their own sculptural coffee table shapes.

Polyhedra is “grown” using Selective Laser Sintering technology in off-white Polyamide plastic. It can also be sprayed in various colours.

While a commercial failure, Polyhedra was a successful design exploration into an obsession with the romantic idea of geometry and nature. At the root of most forms are geometric principles, which go against the rectilinear that dominates much of our human-made environment. Its design process also enabled extensive experimentation with 3D-printing techniques and enhanced Haldane Martin’s teams’ 3D-modelling skills.

Polyhedra featured on the cover of the Financial Times.

Launched 2008 as a limited edition. This product is no longer in manufacture.