• Simplicity Chaise Longue

Simplicity Chaise Longue – Discontinued

The Simplicity Chaise Longue is one of the quickest designs ever created by Haldane Martin. It serendipitously came about after a visit to plywood supplier Woodlam where Haldane met owner Soren Lassen, who had created a mould to make a skateboard ramp. Haldane flipped the skateboard ramp over and lay down on it, only to realise it would be perfect as a chaise longue. He added simple legs to the design and in half an hour the Simplicity range came into being.

The Simplicity Collection was originally designed for a wellness spa in Cape Town. As such, the minimalist form and detail is intended to create a sense of stillness in our otherwise busy lives.

The seat is made of moulded plywood with bent stainless steel legs and upholstery finishings. The indigenous Nguni hide gives the upholstered piece a luxurious African feel, and subtly references the classic 1920s chaise by Le Corbusier.

The Simplicity Chaise can also be upholstered in other leathers and fabrics, including the client’s own material.

Launched 2003.



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