Songololo Sofa

As the multitude of legs suggest, the iconic Songololo Sofa by Haldane Martin is inspired by nature’s creepy crawlies. The Songololo Sofa by Haldane Martin has a curvy sensual form is a reinvention of the classic 1970s sectional sofa by Ueli Berger. A patented pivot and bracket system made from pressed steel allows the Songololo to be customised to any length, from a two-seater to six metres or longer. It can also be curved into a variety of shapes by the user to form an iconic centrepiece in almost any space. The segments can be taken apart, which makes the sofa easy to ship.

Each rib is made up of different density foams, going from dense in the middle to lighter on the outside for a stable yet comfortable end result. The frames are made from mild steel, which is plated in chrome, brass, copper or black nickel, or powder coated in various colours. The composite foam seats are covered in double-stitched removable upholstery, which is available in a variety of leather or fabric finishes, including the client’s own material.

Launched at Design Indaba Expo 2007.

For 2019 we are relaunching the Songololo Sofa due to popular demand. It now features improved pivot brackets and upholstery foam, which contribute to allowing us to offer better pricing.


Design Indaba Expo 2007