Songololo Sofa

This year Haldane Martin’s Songololo Sofa is back by popular demand. It now features improved pivot brackets and upholstery foam.

Certainly, the iconic Songololo Sofa by Haldane Martin is inspired by nature’s own creepy crawlies. With it’s multitude of legs, the timeless Songololo Sofa is flexible and sophisticated. A reinvention of the classic 1970s sectional sofa by Ueli Berger. Arcing into sensual, contoured forms, for instance, the customizable Songololo takes shape as an iconic centerpiece in almost any space. Because of the patented pivot and bracket system made from pressed steel, you can select the length of your Songololo. Handpick your ideal length from a two-seater to 6m or even longer.  In addition, one can dismantle segments, making shipping easy.

Comprising of foam with varying densities, each rib is more dense in the middle and lighter on the outside. As a result, this creates a stable but comfortable seat. Made from mild steel, the frames come in an assortment of desirable finishes. For example, plated in chrome, brass, copper or black nickel. Or elect to powder-coat them the colour you fancy. Double-stitched, removable upholstery encases the composite foam seats. Choose from a wide range of high quality leather from our preferred leather supplier. Alternately, select your own fabric entirely.

Originally launched at Design Indaba Expo 2007, the Songololo Sofa by Haldane Martin is back by popular demand in 2019 – reaffirming it’s iconic status as a preeminent contribution to South African design.



Design Indaba Expo 2007

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