• Source Wire Chair
  • Source Wire Chair
  • Source Wire Chair

Source Wire Chair – Discontinued

The inspiration behind the Source Wire Chair’s seat pattern by Haldane Martin is phyllotaxis – the beautiful, spiral growth pattern found in leaf and flower petal geometry. This on the Source Wire Chair  organic pattern is naturally in harmony with the outdoor environment that the chair is designed for.

The spiral seat’s physical structure functions both ergonomically and economically, as the pattern is most dense where one’s body comes into contact with the seat and less dense towards the periphery.

Its body is made from CNC-bent, rustproof, 60% recycled, stainless steel wire and is powder coated in a variety of floral and neutral colours. A seat cushion is also available for extra comfort. This can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, including the client’s own material.

For a fully upholstered version of the Source Wire Chair, see Haldane Martin’s Source Upholstered Chair.

Launched at Southern Guild 2011 at the Joburg Art Fair.


2011, Southern Guild exhibit at Joburg Art Fair