• Stealth Chair. Limited edition by Haldane Martin

Stealth Chair – Discontinued

Named after a military aircraft, the Stealth Chairᵀᴹ  by Haldane Martin was designed during the recent economic recession.  Its aggressive, masculine, armoured form makes it the perfect chair to weather the storms of economic instability, resource scarcity and hostile takeovers.

The chair’s modern, cantilevered structure that harks to the Bauhaus tubular steel designs provides bouncy flexibility and the carefully folded seat creates surprisingly comfortable lumbar support. A successful exercise to make a comfortable chair out of a flat material, the form is CNC cut and folded from an anodised aluminium sheet.

Conceptually, the design is the antithesis of the Zulu Mama Chair. One of Haldane Martin’s personal favourites, this design is more an art piece than furniture. A limited edition of 12 were exhibited by Southern Guild in a collaboration with the unique “Camo” and “Dazzle” artworks by Givan Lötz acid etched into the faceted surfaces. Originating in World War II, these patterns lend an appropriate military connotation to an intentionally aggressive chair.

Launched at Southern Guild 2010 at the Joburg Art Fair as a limited edition. This product is not in manufacture.


2010, Southern Guild exhibit, Joburg Art Fair