12 Rooms exhibition - Haldane Martin secret 13th Room at Leon at CCXIX - featuring Songololo Sofa and Tesla chandelier

New Haldane Martin furniture manufacturer

Announced at the unveiling of the secret 13th room at the 12 Rooms Exhibition in Woodstock, Cape Town on the 29th of May 2014.

The acclaimed Haldane Martin contemporary South African furniture design collection will be manufactured and sold under licence by high quality furniture manufacturer Leon At CCXIX from the 1st of June 2014.

The collection which has been a favourite of interior designers and design appreciators worldwide, includes amongst the 18 unique designs, the iconic and internationally acclaimed Songololo Sofa, the DISA award winning Zulu Mama café chair, and the latest Source Chairs and brass Hex Coffee & Side Tables.

Haldane Martin identified Leon at CCXIX as the ideal manufacturing and sales partner for his brand, as Leon At CCXIX has a good reputation for exquisite craftmanship, high quality production and excellent after sales service.

Rob Van Veen the “pater familias” of Leon At CCXIX and his beautiful partner Mirjam Verdoorn, beter known as Pim, together have many years of extensive experience in both the European & South African high end furniture and interior design industry. There are also plans to expand the retail of the Haldane Martin brand in Johannesburg & Pretoria, and later to Europe.

Haldane graduated in Industrial Design from CPUT in 1992 and has been manufacturing his own furniture designs since 1994. He believes that his brand and perhaps the local furniture industry has reached a level of maturity, where the design, manufacturing and sales functions are ready to be differentiated from one another as is prevalent in the high end European furniture design industry. The advantage being that each entity can focus on its strengths and collectively achieve greater success.

It is an exciting new development which promises to take both the Haldane Martin and the Leon At CCXIX brands to new heights.

There will be a phasing over period of 2 months from the 1st of June where Haldane Martin will be completing their current customer orders, and Leon At CCXIX will be responding to new quote enquiries and begin to manufacture new orders. The retail and décor prices will remain the same for the next year. Haldane Martin’s production manager Erik Snyman, and the main craftsman Herbert Musarime will be moving across to Leon At CCXIX to ensure a smooth transition and maximum continuity.

The Haldane Martin Iconic Furniture & Interior Design studio will continue to create innovative new furniture designs to be manufactured and sold by Leon At CCXIX under the Haldane Martin brand in the years to come.



Haldane Martin sales & production manager – Erik  Snyman

Tel 021 447 1304, Cell 076 376 4487



Owner -Rob Van Veen

Tel 021 447 1304, Cell 076 905 7385