Lift Club: Haldane Martin mentors young designers

Haldane Martin was recently invited to join a mentorship programme for young designers by the Guild Group, called Lift Club. Working with fellow furniture designer John Vogel, Haldane’s former business partner (Brave New World) of more than 20 years ago, Haldane led a session called “Buckle Up” focussing on Product Development, Product Range, Materials, Manufacturing and Intellectual Property.

The group of young designers mentored by Haldane Martin and John Vogel were ceramicist Mododa Fani, furniture designer Ebrahim EB Assur, interior designer Adri van Zyl, plantware designer Nikki Schomer, objet d’art designer Hamza Alfarahneh, furniture designer Nico Hendriksz, ‘wearable art’ designer Maria Uys. (Also in the programme but not available that day are product designer John Odhiambo, architect Mlondolozi Hempe and ceramicist Chuma Maweni.)


About Lift Club

Lift Club is a new programme that represents a firm and on-going commitment by the Foundation to foster excellence and to help designers flourish in South Africa. The Lift Club mentorship programme is aimed at early career development.

As a design industry programme, Lift Club has been created to accelerate the development of talented young emerging designers. With facilitation from the Design Foundation, ‘passengers’ of Lift Club will be given the opportunity to meet with established designers who will share their experience and knowledge in order to help nurture the next generation of design icons.

Lift Club is running in both Cape Town and Johannesburg and is made of 10 passengers in each city, who have been selected for the amazing work they are doing and the potential they have to grow and flourish in the South African Design Industry.

Lift Club is comprised of 4 sessions that cover different areas of the design process and industry. The first session held was named ‘Get In’ and covered Originality, Viability and Current Climate. The outside facilitators where Andile Dyalvane and Katherine Pichulik.

The second session, titled ‘Buckle Up’ addressed Product Development, Product Range, Materials, Manufacturing and Intellectual Property and was facilitated by Haldane Martin and John Vogel [at the end of July 2018]. ‘Ride’ on 24 October will cover Business Models and the final session, ‘Arrive’ in early 2019, will cover Branding.

Design Foundation

The Design Foundation is an independent, professional-led body that nurtures and awards new and established talent in the South African design industry.

Established in 2011, the Design Foundation is a non-profit and sponsor-funded organisation. The foundation makes an immediate, targeted difference to designers through production funding, equipment subsidies, mentorships, business advice and infrastructure assistance. Operating under the guidance of a board of highly respected industry professionals, the foundation aims to make a radical difference to the industry from the outset, targeting a range of issues from specific areas of expertise.

To celebrate Design in South Africa, the Design Foundation holds annual award ceremonies to honour leaders in South African design and the design industry at large – highlighting and promoting innovative movers from across the multi-layered industry, from grassroots and education levels to manufacturing, retail and export.