Hip Hop Fashion. Interior design by Haldane Martin. Photography by Micky Hoyle.

New retail interior for Hip Hop Fashion

Completed December 2015

Willowbridge Mall, Tyger Valley

Haldane Martin Iconic Design has created a sophisticated and feminine high-concept retail store for South African fashion label Hip Hop. The unique interior design for Hip Hop is emblematic of the award-winning design studio’s innovation in the commercial and retail design sector, once again crafting a powerful concept into a singular space that sets the brand far above its competitors.

Haldane Martin has based the interior design around the brand’s signature soft pink identity and rose logo. The iconic design emphasises the brand identity, resulting in an incredibly distinctive space. The interior is accentuated by a one-of-a-kind soft pink fabric installation that frames the space and a centrepoint feature artwork that adorns the ceiling above – a large-scale illustration of a rose.

The concept from the store came from the Hip Hop logo itself. The logo features a bouquet of roses alongside the words “Hip Hop” in lowercase Helvetica typeface, juxtaposing feminine symbolism with a modern aesthetic.

The logo pink was the basis for the colour palette, softened with a dusty tint to give it a sophisticated feel. This translates into an interior with classical details that come to life in a contemporary way.

The central footprint of the store is a circular design that also reflects the logo, reinforcing its round shape. Clothing rails wrap around the room, encouraging customers to circulate the space. Clothing is arranged on the rails in a balance of both sideways and forward facing to encourage browsing while allowing for feature items to be on display.

The feminine fabric installation hanging from the ceiling is one of the key bespoke features of the interior. This takes the shape of a classical cornice, blown up 20 times and laser cut out of sheer fabric, which hangs loosely. The fabric is backlit, creating a glow and a delicate play between light and shadow. One of the most innovative aspects of the project, this creates a lovely graceful effect, softening the space and framing the clothing rails while drawing the viewer’s gaze towards the garments.

In the middle of the display is a spherical seating island that creates a comfortable and relaxing environment and encourages customers to stay longer in the store. Above this the feature rose illustration is a play on the ornamental ceiling rose found in traditional English Tudor architecture.

Generous changing rooms are another important focus of the store. Each has a large mirror, an ottoman, and ample space for up to three ladies to try on clothing together. From there customers can walk out of the change room and stand in the middle of the shop to see themselves in a large mirror, a strategic focal point emphasised by archways that echo the mirror’s shape.

The cash desk is an unobtrusive simple white and glass box. The floor is French Oak Herringbone, white washed to create a natural warmth that balances out the graphic herringbone pattern to create a soft feminine look. An onsite storeroom allows for all garments to have stock in every size.

At the front of the store a raised plinth showcases nine mannequins. Previous retail experience has shown that mannequins are an important driver of sales, thus increasing the number is instrumental in creating best-sellers.

The new clothing store in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs is a diverse aesthetic space that performs multiple important functions for the business. It showcases Hip Hop’s latest fashion ranges, it creates touchpoints to engage with its discerning customers in a welcoming, luxurious environment and it emphasises the qualities of the brand in a tangible, three-dimensional manifestation.

The Hip Hop brand caters for women’s occasion-wear to be worn all year round. The fashion range is characterised by glamorous evening dresses and stylish cocktail wear. It also includes trendy day wear, reinforcing Hip Hop’s philosophy that every day should be treated as an occasion. The interior design of the store speaks to this by showcasing the glamorous garments in a classy way and makes the browsing and trying on process an easy, comfortable and memorable experience. It is conducive to shopping, sharing, exploring, engaging and interacting with the Hip Hop fashion label and its beautiful clothing.

Following its fantastic reception in the South African market over many years, Hip Hop embarked on opening its first physical store in 2015 in Willowbridge Mall in Tyger Valley, a second-tier mall with open piazza architecture that speaks to the label’s aesthetic. One of the tightest restraints of the brief was to be open in time for trading in December, the busiest time of year for sales. This meant just two months from concept to opening. The process went smoothly and without any glitches and the project was completed on time and within budget, thanks to the project coordination of the interior design team.

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Please credit:

Interior designed by Haldane Martin: www.haldanemartin.co.za

Photos by Micky Hoyle

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