Core77: Truth: Go for the brews, stay for the steampunk décor - Haldane Martin
Haldane Martin is a preeminent South African designer renowned for iconic furniture and high-concept interiors for brands and businesses with signature identities that translate into extraordinary spaces.
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Core77: Truth: Go for the brews, stay for the steampunk décor

Core77 (New York) features Haldane Martin’s interior for Truth Coffee in Cape Town.

Truth Coffee might be the coolest coffee shop you’ve ever seen—or been to, if you’ve found yourself in a sleepy slump in Cape Town, South Africa. The shop is an ode to the best roasted coffee in a perfectly executed space. But like a beehive needs a queen, the shop wouldn’t be half as mystifying without its centerpiece—the custom built coffee grinder. “Professor Jones’ Fabulous Coffee Bean Contraption” (as the grinder is rightly named) was built by Steampunk sculptor Chris Jones. See the video below for an interview with the man behind the machine:

From the smooth curves of the metal table in the booths to the natural look of the wooden tables, Truth Coffee mixes the fantastical feel of Steampunk with a clean and relaxing coffee house vibe.

Originally publised on in September 2013.

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