ProLandscaper: Focus on Planters

ProLandscaper January 2019 Focus on Planters

ProLandscaper focus on Planters in January 2019 issue: TUBER by Haldane Martin

Celebrated South African designer Haldane Martin is renowned for his iconic design.
Seamlessly integrating indigenous craft, biomimicry, geometry, sustainable production and digital design, he creates compelling, innovative
works with an intelligent contemporary aesthetic. His TUBER planter was designed for INDIGENUS as part of an urban greening concept (other
planter designers include fellow designers Gregor Jenkin and Laurie Wiid van Heerden and architects Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen.)

Haldane believes that iconic design must marry innovation, beauty, relevance and timelessness. His Tuber planter, designed exclusively for
INDIGENUS, is a masterful expression of this philosophy. The Tuber is crafted from Iroko wood – a durable African timber often used for boat building,
flooring and outdoor-furniture. Individual pieces of Iroko are bolted together with stainless steel pins and hand-assembled into an impressive form
that is then turned to create a sensual, soft finish. Over time, if used outdoors and left to weather naturally, the Tuber will age into a beautiful silvergrey
hue. As the name suggests, the shape of the planter is a simplified expression of the part of the plant that is usually hidden from us – the roots.

Haldane is a strong believer in biophilic design – the word ‘biophilia’ literally means a love of life or living things. “As humans we have an intuitive
and deeply ingrained attraction to nature, and a biological need for contact with the natural world, especially in our built environment.” – Haldane

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Originally published in ProLandscaper Magazine. January 2019. Pages 38-39.