Iconic interior design

In every industry there is  fierce competition for customers, staff and suppliers. We assist our clients to attract, develop and maintain loyal customers, staff and suppliers by collaborating with our clients to discover and express their authentic identity through iconic interior and furniture design. Our iconic designs are unique, innovative, functional, capture the zeitgeist and are memorable so that our clients are noticed, loved and remembered.


Interior Design Process


The appraisal process establishes what the total project budget should be and how it should be broken down. We co-create the design brief and scope of works with the client. We assess the site, work out functional requirements and create a notional floorplan. We clarify cost vs quality expectations with our client and refer to rule-of-thumb square metre interior build rates gained from years of professional experience. With this information, we calculate an itemised build estimate, a design quote, a timeline and a payment schedule. This information is translated into an interior design agreement between the client and designer.

How We Charge

Our interior design fees are based on the size of the project, the build budget and the scope of works and is related to the amount of time it will take to complete each stage of the process. Payments are staged to match project milestones and deliverables throughout the duration of the project.

Research & Insight

Good design is informed by deep research. We take insights from the client’s business, identity, product offering, customers, competition, location and aspirational precedents and use it to inform an authentic concept that is entirely unique. The result being inspiring design concepts that truly express the essence of our client’s identity.

Concept Design

This intangible element is one of the most important parts of a successful design project. A strong concept gives a new creation depth and power. Critical & creative thinking informed by our research and insights from the client, enable us to bring to life an envisioned concept. To combine ideas and inspiration within their new context in ways that practically express the intangible aspects of our client’s identity in three-dimensional spaces and objects.

Design Development

The design development process is how we actualize this new exciting design concept. We take great pride in 3D modelling the entire project from the building through to the bespoke elements, sourced furniture, finishes and lighting. Whilst 3D modelling is time consuming, there is no better way to test out and refine design concepts and ensure that everything fits well together. By photo-realistically rendering our 3D models, we are able to accurately communicate our designs (including finishes and lighting)so that our clients know exactly what to expect before the interior is built.

Technical Documentation

Our 25 years of innovative design has given our practice a significant depth of practical knowledge and experience. We are able to guide various contractors and manufacturers to execute simple or ground-breaking design features as close to our design intent as possible. We provide appropriate technical drawings, schedules, specifications and documentation. Drawings for various authorities such as Council submissions, Liquor licensing, Health and Safety, Signage, Fire, and Heritage are also developed in collaboration with specialist consultants.