Video interviews on Mad Giant’s design concept

In 2016 Haldane Martin launched an iconic new concept interior for South African craft beer Mad Giant. The new brewery, tasting room and restaurant in downtown Johannesburg is a space that embodies the free-spirited and adventurous mindset of the brand.

Through the interior and bespoke furniture design, Haldane Martin combines a DIY aesthetic with a quirky, child-like playfulness. Playing with scale and industrial elements – from over-sized Meccano furnishings to a giant yeti standing above the bar to burnt red exposed steel trusses – the design brings to life the Mad Giant brand’s renegade ideology.

In this video Haldane Martin shares insight into his design concept behind the innovative interior and the furniture that was designed especially for Mad Giant. Mad Giant owner Eben Uys tells us about his vision for the brand as “the small guy brave enough to dream big and do something crazy”. The chemical engineer turned craft beer producer believes in standing out and doing something different.

Head chef at the Mad Giant restaurant (Urbanologi) Angelo Scirocco talks about the flavours and inspiration behind his cuisine that was designed to complement Mad Giant beer. His tapas-styled dishes combine Asian street food flavours and cooking techniques over open flames with gastronomical plating. Fresh natural ingredients, attention to detail in cooking and plating, and an experimental and constantly evolving menu reinforce the connection between Urbanologi’s cuisine and Mad Giant’s beer.

Pioneering new flavours and iconic design, Mad Giant celebrates a brave creative spirit that speaks to the urban regeneration burgeoning in Johannesburg’s inner-city. It is a space that highlights the transformation of an area once lost to detriment, which is once again being revived to its former glory.


Interior design by Haldane Martin

Furniture design by Haldane Martin

Videography by Lucid Media

Content direction by One Day Company

Filming and editing by Kyle Goulden

Interviews and copywriting by Sarah Jayne Fell

Photography by Micky Hoyle

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